5 Things you Should Know About Social Security

Retirement Mark Show!

Radio Show 10/22/2014 Segment 2

In this segment, you are going to discover:

  • Are Social Security benefits safe?
  • When can you apply for Social Security and start receiving benefits?
  • The 2 things that determine how big your Social Security checks will be
  • How to get MORE money in retirement with Social Security
  • Why baby boomers are targets for financial fraud

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One thought on “5 Things you Should Know About Social Security

  1. I had a very in depth discussion with Mark concerning all of the ins and outs of starting Social Security at 62 versus starting at 66 or even 70. Mark provided me with some information that I had never heard before and enlightened me on the pros and cons of when to take my Social Security. I was blown away by the degree of knowledge that he had on this subject and so thankful that I had a meeting with him to go over my options.

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